April 2021: Edinburgh: Water of Leith Walkway (Part 2)

Colinton Village

While modern Colinton is a substantial suburb of Edinburgh, its original heart on the banks of the Water of Leith is known as Colinton Village. It is an attractive place that incudes speciality shops, at least two attractive churches, Spylaw Park and access to woodland walks. The 19th-century writer Robert Louis Stevenson was a regular boyhood visitor to Colinton Village, where his grandfather was a Church of Scotland minister at Colinton Parish Church. Today, there is an RLS trail starting at The Long Steps (connecting Bridge Street and Spylaw Street) and leading to the parish church, along which visitors can pause to enjoy samples of Stevenson’s poetry.

To Slateford, via Colinton and Craiglockhart Dells

My intention had been to resume my walk directly from Dell Road, adjacent to the parish church. This was thwarted as the path was closed due to a landslip. Instead, I had to backtrack to the main road bridge and once again pass through Colinton Tunnel on my way into Colinton Dell. My intended route was further compromised by the closure of the Redhall Mill bridge, but I was able to cross to the right bank at the Bogs Mill bridge and thereby pass into Craiglockhart Dell. This section was made up of more conventional woodland paths, with plenty of dips and rises.

In due course, I emerged from all the woodland across the road from the Water of Leith Visitor Centre. I feel sure it’s no coincidence that this was located at the midpoint of my little Water of Leith adventure.