California, Here We Come! (2021): Day 1: Quick Visit to Amsterdam


The trip was now underway in earnest, and you join me as Bruce & I enter the so-called ‘First’ lounge at Heathrow Terminal 5, which in reality is for BA ‘Gold’ customers who are not flying first class. I was there as Bruce’s guest.

We enjoyed breakfast and in due course made our way to Gate A24. This was located at the south end of T5 Departures, and was therefore underneath the F lounge. Once on board and airborne, I had some champagne and the Italian cold meat & cheese plate for the second day in a row. I enjoyed it again second time around, although today the Mozzarella seemed less tasty. The dessert was gooseberry-based.

On arrival, we sailed effortlessly through immigration and made our way, under cover throughout, to the very presentable Sheraton Schiphol Airport.

A few hours in Amsterdam

After briefly settling in, Bruce got on with his work and I headed into the city alone. As I sat on the train, it felt inordinately exciting to be heading into the heart of a European mainland capital for the first time in 2021!

Upon arrival, I soon got my bearings and after taking a few photos around Amsterdam Centraal, the Dutch capital’s iconic main station, I set off southwards in the direction of the Rembrandt House Museum, an attraction that inexplicably, I had never previously visited.

In due course I made my way back to Central Station and returned to the airport. Bruce and I had a beer in the atrium bar before the 8pm curfew kicked in, followed by a most enjoyable in-room picnic using items bought earlier from a supermarket in the Schiphol Plaza.