Edinburgh Castle from the Foot of the Mound

Welcome …

… and greetings from Edinburgh!

For travels undertaken in 2020 and thereafter, this is my new blog – the place where I intend to record for posterity my future wanderings, whether local, to the other side of the world, or somewhere in between. It takes over from www.rtwman.co.uk, a platform that has served me well for the last 15 years of preserving and re-living the details of my various trips. My About This Site page, accessible from the menu bar above, has more details on the reasons why a change became desirable. My old site, incidentally, will continue to be around as a 2004-2019 Archive.

You may well think that mid-2020 is a strange time to be launching a new travel blog. With a pandemic still very much in progress, the travel and tourism sectors of the economy on their knees and the public’s appetite for travel (to put it mildly) subdued, this move may seem a bit odd. Indeed as I write these words, I don’t actually know for sure when next I’ll be making an overseas trip. Yet in a sense, the recent Covid-19 lockdown has for me been an opportunity begging to be seized. It has enabled me to clear my 2019 backlog of unwritten trip reports, to learn how to use WordPress, and to take my first, tentative steps in putting this newly gained knowledge to practical use.

That being so, let this exciting new journey now commence!