California, Here We Come! (2021): Day 11: Sausalito, the Castro and North Beach revisited

Trip to Sausalito

Today’s breakfast was at a nearby Blue Bottle Café, and this was followed by our usual shower routine before the day got underway in earnest. One notable discovery this morning confirmed a view that we had both come to hold since our arrival at the InterContinental: based on repeated observations, many of the resident clientele on this post-Thanksgiving weekend seemed very different from what you might call ‘the usual IC crowd’. This morning, we found ‘takeout detritus’ lying around in the 27th-floor elevator lobby, confirming that some people seem to have plenty of money, but little concept of civilised behaviour – ugh!

We made our way along to the familiar surroundings of the Ferry Building and after a quick look around, boarded MV Sonoma for our transfer to Sausalito. This small town of around 7,000 people was formerly a busy ferry port, but made a new future for itself as a tourist destination when the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge rendered its original role redundant. We walked around for a bit before having a Mexican lunch. The food wasn’t bad, but it didn’t achieve the standard of that wonderful al fresco feast that we’d had in Carlsbad. A few more photos followed before we took our return sailing to the Ferry Building.

Back in the city

From there, we rode one of the F-line vintage streetcars to the Castro for a look around in daylight. This was where Bruce once lived, and we intentionally arranged our route to walk past his old apartment.

Following a brief return to base, we began the evening with a round of excellent Boulevardier cocktails at House of Shields on New Montgomery Street. We then had a pasta and garlic bread dinner at the flamboyantly decorated Caffè Sport in North Beach, finally taking a bus back to Union Square to make for an easier return to the hotel.