California, Here We Come! (2021): Day 12: Gallery day

After breakfast this morning, there was some business to attend to: before embarking on our eastbound return journey to Europe the following day, it was essential to do more laundry. We walked to the TL Café & Laundromat on O’Farrell Street, a facility that we had used successfully on our previous visit to the city in 2019. Things again proceeded smoothly on this occasion, except for the fact that the café part of the proposition was suspended due to Covid-19. After dropping our clean clothes back at base, we had an excellent lunch at the branch of Super Duper Burgers at the Metreon Center, beside Yerba Buena Gardens.

Our main objective for today now lay just a short stroll away on Third Street: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, also known as SFMOMA. This was actually a piece of unfinished business from a short visit to the city in April 2018. That one-day call on a Pacific Coast cruise from LA to Vancouver had been a complete washout, with non-stop torrential rain. We thought that the museum would be an ideal escape from the conditions; sadly, it seemed that half the city’s visitors that day had thought similarly, causing us to abandon the plan.

The museum’s current home dates originally from 1995, with a major expansion following in 2016. The resulting space is spectacular, very much on a grand scale and with clean, light-coloured surfaces predominating. We spent fully three hours there, without getting weary. Here’s a visual impression of our visit:

Later, we enjoyed a final evening of drinks and dinner in the Castro, featuring fried spring rolls and Phö at Tanglad.